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On Friday, Jan 24 1992, I had a discussion with a couple of the men in my home group. We got into the fall of Communism and the coming fall of Islam. I shared how I was shown that these things had to come in order to prepare for the end time rule of


Prophecy shows us that in the end time, very soon, there will be a one world economy; a one world religion; and a one world government. We agreed that for there to be a one world economy, Communism had to fall. I then stipulated that for there to be a one world religion, Islam must fall. Islam is a strict monotheistic faith. As such it would be in the way of a movement that leads to worship of a man. Which is the coming one world religion. (All the world will worship the beast.)

Next I related how I had shared this same idea with Bro. Tony Foster, who is now starting a church in Russia. The fall of communism opens the opportunity for harvest in communist lands that we see today. The coming fall of Islam will likewise open opportunities for harvest in Islamic lands.

Then I mentioned how the Lord had challenged me after the conversation with Bro. Tony. He said, "There's a third part to this, that you're not willing to face up to!" The third part is: What must happen for there to be a one world govt. The answer is that America must fall! They easily agreed with me, anticipating at worst an economic collapse of the U.S.

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