Don Kistlers The Arithmetic of

synopsis by Bill Somers

This is a synopsis of Don Kistler' book The Arithmetic of God, published in 1976 by God's Community Church of Charity, PO Box 573, Kings Mountain, NC 28086

Don Kistler has given us a revelation of the symbolic numbers of the Bible and a wonderful treatment of some numeric designs and features the Lord has shown him. I recommend this book very highly. I am going to merely give the table of contents which shows just the numbers and their symbolic meaning. This is good to keep as a handy reference.

1. Unity

2. Division or separation

3. Resurrection

4. The first creation

5. Grace

6. Satan - his influence

7. Completeness, Perfection or bringing to an end.

8. New Birth

9. Fruit of the Spirit

10. Law

11. Judgment

12. Divine power, rule or authority

13. Sin, rebellion or depravity

14. Salvation or Deliverance

15. Rest

16. Love

17. Victory

18. Bondage or Binding

19. Faith

20. Redemption

21. Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin

22. Light making manifest

23. Death

24. Priesthood

25. Forgiveness of sins

26. Gospel

27. Proclamation of the Gospel and Prophecy

28. Eternal Life

29. Departure

30. Blood

31. Offspring or Seed

32. Covenant

33. Promise

34. Endurance

35. Hope

36. Enemy

37. Exaltation

38. Righteousness

39. Truth

40. Tribulation or Trial

41. Deception

42. Second Coming of Jesus 44. Perdition

45. Inheritance

46. Second Death

48. Tabernacle or Dwelling Place

49. The Wrath of God

50. The Spirit, Holy Ghost and Israel's Jubilee 54. The Security of the Believer

60. Pride

66. Image or Idol Worship

70. Israel's Captivity and Return

70 times 7 Israel's complete and final restoration

77. Vengeance

91. Casting out

99. Seal

100. The Elect

105. Calling on the name of the Lord

600. Warfare

666. Number of the Beast


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