Daniel in the Lions

In the Story of Daniel in the Lions Den, we can see the heart attitude of the Father reflected in King Darius. It would have been easy for him to use his power and make an exception for Daniel. But to do that, he would have had to break his word. So he refused to use that power. Daniel went into the den and came out again alive. [This speaks of death and resurrection, is there a clue here?.]

And then Daniel's accusers were cast into the den, to their deaths. So it all worked out for the better after all since King Darius got rid of a lot of troublemakers. And since those troublemakers were rulers in his domain, they all had to be replaced. Most likely with people of Daniel's choosing! This is also a picture of the end times when the ruling powers, accusers of the brethren, all of them, shall fall. They are to be replace by the saints who have the honor of judging them. Psalm 149.

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