One other area Juster deals with that I wish to mention is the area or idea of completion. There are multiple completions that will take place. I'm going to list these in the order I believe they will take place.

The mystery of God must be completed, which he states is the maturity of the bride, the church. [Rev. 10:7 and Eph. 5:27,32]

That there must be a completion of the Global witness, preaching of the Gospel and resulting harvest [Mt. 24:12-14].

The revelation of Evil will also be completed with the beast getting power to make war and overcome the saints. [Re 13:7]

He mentions that The Return of the Lord, [and therefore the time of vengeance] does not come till The Number Of Martyrs is complete. This is the fullness of the gentiles. [Re 6:9-11]

And The Redemption Of Natural Israel must be complete so they are able to call upon the Lord for deliverance. See [Matt. 23:39 and Rom. 11:15.]

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