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The part of Nita's vision that got me the most was about the martyrs and purpose of martyrdom.

Nita wrote: "However the martyr's blood provides a Peculiar intercession for a lost soul as nothing else does."

This confirmed to me what the Lord showed me some years back, beginning in '91.

In short, Martyrdom has an effect in the spiritual realm. Every time the devil kills one of the saints, it cost's him something. In many cases that something is a soul that would otherwise be lost. I wrote about these issues in several articles on my WebSite, They are: The Precious, where I share what I learned about how martyrdom contributes to the harvest. The Precious part 2, where we go into the Lords purposes in large scale martyrdom. The Unthinkable, which discusses the ultimate purpose of martyrdom and The How and the Therefore, that also looks at the ultimate purpose of martyrdom from an other angle, and in greater depth. And relates it to the Return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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