Christian Anti Semitism through the centuries

The antagonism towards the Jews quickly became a theme among the early church fathers. Among the first were:

Justin Martyr (c. AD 160) Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyon (c. AD 177) Tertullian (AD 160-230) Hilary of Poitiers (AD 291 -371) Eusebius In the early 4th century St. Jerome (AD 347-407)

Gregory of Nyssa, Bishop of Cappadocia (died AD 394),

John Chrysostom, the Bishop of Antioch, at the end of the 4th century and the great St. Augustine who tackled this issue in his "Sermon Against the Jews."

Anti Jewish rhetoric was present in the Church Council in Elvira (Spain) in AD 305, the Edict of Milan issued in AD 313 and the Council of Nicea (AD 325).

By the Middle Ages, the teachings of Christian anti-Semitism were solidly established.

The result of these anti-Jewish teachings continued onwards throughout Church history, producing such events and actions as the Crusades, the Inquisition, the ghettoes, the pogroms. Even the great Martin Luther and other reformation leaders fell into this error.

Ultimately, the Hitler Holocaust was 'justified' by such thinking. Today we also see it in the writings of those who deny that Israel has any right to the land, or any right to exist. Some even go so far as to openly side with Islamic Palestinian activists in opposing Israel.

Clarence Wagner writes about the bad fruit in greater detail. :

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