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Hell Really Exists

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Mark 4 10 And when he was alone, they that were about him with the twelve asked of him the parable

13 And he said unto them, Know ye not this parable? and how then will ye know all parables?

Nebuchadnezzar: A type of Christ? But Nebuchadnezzar was a wicked character! Perhaps so, but God blessed him, saved him and gave him the honor of narrating an entire chapter of the Book of Daniel. See Daniel 4.

But wicked character or no, He is used as a type of the Lord Jesus Christ and his history forms a parable for us today. The Story of Nebuchadnezzar in the Bible is a Parable.

The key events are:

God's role for Nebuchadnezzar, He is given dominion over all the world. [Jeremiah 27; Ezra 1; etc.;see below.] Nebuchadnezzar 's conquest of Tyre

Nebuchadnezzar 's rulership and destruction of Jerusalem and Nebuchadnezzar 's conquest of Egypt.

In this parable the characters or elements are:

Nebuchadnezzar is a type of Jesus Christ,

The land of Judah and the City of Jerusalem are the Church.

The king of Tyrus is Satan, [Ezekiel 28; see below]

Pharaoh king of Egypt is also Satan.

The Lord is the Father God.

Egypt is the world. [The only new type here is Nebuchadnezzar.[

What the parable illustrates is the role Jesus plays in the Fathers plan. Nebuchadnezzar first conquered Tyre, then Jerusalem, and finally Egypt.

Jesus first defeated Satan at Calvary. Now He is about to take over [conquer] the Church. Then He will judge and take over the world.

As Nebuchadnezzar was given the land of Egypt by the Lord, for his service in defeating the king of Tyrus, so the Father has given Jesus all authority and power under heaven for his defeat of Satan at Calvary. [Ezekiel 29, see below.]

And part of the judgment that Nebuchadnezzar carries out against Egypt is to destroy the houses of their gods. This alludes to the judgments the Lord made against Pharaoh and the gods of Egypt in Exodus. And it is a prophetic foreshadowing of the Second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, when He will carry out vengeance against Satan's kingdoms [the houses of their gods] in the heavenly places. [Jeremiah 43; see below]

Then He will set up his throne in Pharaoh's house, and spread his royal pavilion there.

...And he shall array himself with the land of Egypt, as a shepherd putteth on his garment; and he shall go forth from thence in peace Jer.. 43:12. Which is to say, Jesus will set up his kingdom on this earth, and assume control of the world and bring peace!

But First, Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem and burnt the temple. And afterward He conquered Egypt. [Jeremiah 25; see below]

Which is to say: Judgment must begin at the house of God, and then judgment will come upon the world.

The main lesson for the church today:

Nebuchadnezzar as a type of the Lord Jesus brings judgment on Jerusalem. This is the coming judgment on the Church. Organized Christianity as we know it will be devastated, like Jerusalem was. The survivors are counseled by the prophet Jeremiah to remain in the Land of Judah [praise] to dwell safely. If they go down into Egypt, they are in danger. [Jeremiah 42: see below.] Likewise Christian who come through this judgment must stay in an attitude of Praise and Worship [service] to God, in order to be safe during the judgments coming on the world. If they loose heart and fall back into following the ways of the world [Egypt] they will be judged with the world.

The Judgment on the Church

The situation in Jerusalem when it was destroyed was that they were already under the rule of Nebuchadnezzar. The Kingdom of Judah was supposedly submitted to the Babylonian empire. Their King was a man He had set up and placed on their throne. He [Zedekiah] rebelled and brought down destruction upon the nation.

Our churches are supposedly submitted to the Lordship of Jesus. Our leaders are men he has raised up. Yet for our disobedience He [Jesus] must come as Judge. He will assume His authority and set up His throne in His temple, the Church. As Judgment begins at the House of God, so will the Kingdom of God begin in this revival.

This judgment is quite comparable to the destruction of Jerusalem. In Rick Joyner's article, Civil War in the Church, he speaks of it in terms of what will "look like a total meltdown of Christianity."

Isaiah speaks of a time when " When the enemy shall come in like a flood, Isa. 59:19

In another place Isaiah writes:

Isa. . 33:14 The sinners in Zion are afraid; fearfulness hath surprised the hypocrites. Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire? who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings?

15 He that walketh righteously, and speaketh uprightly; he that despiseth the gain of oppressions, that shaketh his hands from holding of bribes, that stoppeth his ears from hearing of blood, and shutteth his eyes from seeing evil;

Paul speaks of the day of fire, (How often we pray, Lord send down the Fire!)

1 Cor.. 3;13 Every man's work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man's work of what sort it is.

Malachi mentions refiners fire when considering that day.

Mal 3:2 But who may abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a refiner's fire, and like fullers' soap:

Luke mentions the fire in connection with purging.

Lu. 3:17 Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and will gather the wheat into his garner; but the chaff he will burn with fire unquenchable.

Hebrews speaks of judgment, shaking and fire, a consuming fire.

He 12:26 Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven.

27 And this word, Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.

28 Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear:

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