By Bill Somers

Here are some readers responses to Nita Johnson's article, Visions of the Church, and my own comments.

From: Bob Neuman

To: Bill Somers

Dear Bill, sometimes I got to wonder how much it would take to get even the ' very elect' to wake up and smell the "roses". it seems that the acceleration factor is not a figment of my imagination. for a long time I would hesitate posting to you or anyone else for that matter.

'lingering doubt' can be a weapon with two edges. "is it really you, GOD" is the first knock I give myself, and the last of course is '' if I'm the only one'' who is hearing this "stuff". doesn't sound religious at all but that's the point GOD usually doesn't sound like how man says HE should sound. looking at how much I have sent your way in the last 3 months, if others are finding themselves on a new fast track you must be swamped.

a few days ago I 'had to' sit down and write "7 moves''. you were the only one I intended to post it to...till it was done. still have lots of thinking to do on it but

Visions of the Church basically confirmed it all every jot and tittle thanks, Bill, for posting it____but there was one point I want to add...there was a paragraph that said

Secondly, people will come to the Lord through the death of a martyr as would never enter into the Kingdom any other way. Third, because every drop of blood that spills from a martyr's veins paves the way for a soul to enter into the kingdom. I am not saying that their blood can pay for a Soul like the blood of Christ. However the martyr's blood provides a Peculiar intercession for a lost soul as nothing else does. Fourth, because through a unique time such as this, the Church is allowed to enter into the sufferings of Christ, which, by far is the greatest of all privileges. It is a privilege, which in turn paves the way for greater glory in the Kingdom or Heaven.

coming as a stranger from the proverbial pit, literally might be more accurate, the dynamics of the "peculiar intercession" is an interesting attempt at interpretation.

in the 'real' world the lost are living and thinking in "the flesh" LORD I hate talkin' christianees ... because that is exactly all they got. the thing we call "spiritual void" is real and we fill it with whatever is available. alcoholism, drug addiction, promiscuity, occultism is the last thing to live for because the next step is usually suicide.

when you have nothing to live for the last straw you clutch at may be just a slower way to die. most 'church' people can not comprehend it even with a suicide rate in "the church" on an equal % rate as the world...

when you run out of straws death is the only answer when you decide there is nothing worth living for

as 'dead' men, you and I Bill know the exact opposite that there is SOMETHING WORTH DYING FOR and the blood of the martyrs gives the lost just that the awareness that there is something more to the emptiness and the useless of this life THAT THERE IS SOMEONE WORTH DYING FOR.

remember in the GREAT COMMISSION we are told to be witnesses 'unto' the world'. that Greek word is 'martus', to bear witness, which our word martyr originates, heavy stuff

well, I think our ride is nearing an end one way or the other...

PRAISE BE TO GOD...WHO HAS WON THE VICTORY be blessed bob in Miami

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