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Ohio USA

In Judges 19, 20 and 21 the Lord gives us the story of the War against Benjamin. There are certain end time lessons here especially in chapter 20 where the battles actually take place.

One of them is about how the Lord in his wisdom will keep certain things secret till the proper time for their revelation. Another is about the last days battles and how the martyrdom of the saints enables the final victory over the enemy.

The battle lasts 3 days. On the first day, when Israel sought the Lord, he told them to go up and attack Benjamin at the town of Gibeah. They were thrown back with heavy losses. On the second day, the Lord told them to go up and they suffered heavy losses again.

On the third day after much weeping and fasting, the Lord tells them Go up; for to morrow I will deliver them into thine hand. [Judges 20:28] So they go into battle and practically wipe out the entire tribe of Benjamin.

Now from reading this account, it's clear that the Lord's battle plan was to let the enemy think that he was winning, and then trick him into an ambush. This required a certain amount of troops to be sacrificed. But if you send your troops into battle knowing that they are going to lose, the will not fight well if at all. In fact they might just head for the hills and just not show up to fight. So if the battle plan were revealed at the beginning, it would simply not have worked.

Likewise, in our lives, the Lord wants us to move in faith and trust. We are to be like Abraham, the father of faith, who went out, not knowing where he was going; but he was trusting God to get him there. If we were to know our immediate future, our behavior would change and we would miss what God has for us in the end.

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