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Recently I saw an article where the writer was commenting on the problems with the modern church. One of these was the 'clergy vs. lay people' system. His thought was that the clergy/laity system in an unfortunate carryover from the old covenant to the new. That is the system was part of the practices of ancient Israel erroneously adopted by the early church. This of course assumes that ancient Israel was under the old covenant and the early church was under the new covenant. My thought is that you can just as easily see this as indicating that we are still under the old covenant, not the new. Now I realize that this can sound a bit radical. In fact it represents a great departure from traditional teachings. So for this article we are going to see what exactly the bible says on the new covenant and see if we are under it or not.

The idea that is commonly taught is that the church began on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2. When the Holy Spirit came, the new covenant took effect and we are no longer under the old testament and it's law. We are said to be under grace. We need to look at that a lot closer to see what's really involved.

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