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News Item:

Palestinian President Yasser Arafat said Sunday that his people, locked in running street battles with Israelis, would remain resolute until Palestinians won sovereignty over Jerusalem.

News Item:

Communications Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer, told reporters that Israel has lost its peace partner and must therefore establish a unity government to prepare for major challenges ahead. He said he found it "difficult to believe that Arafat is going to abandon his new strategy of bringing about a Palestinian state by blood and fire."

Here is that strategy in a nutshell: War for Jerusalem: Battle Plan

Step 1 Find a pretext for increasing the level of the violence [war]

Step 2 Increase it till the enemy is compelled to respond with [increasingly] harsh force. [Disregard your own losses; once the enemy can no longer respond you have won.]

Step 3 Call for outside help and use the enemy response to: Go to step 1.

As long as outside help continues to come and outside intervention does not come, you will eventually overcome the enemy.


One potential source of outside intervention is the USA. If and when the USA is unable to intervene, that leaves only one other source.



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