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They say unto him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act.

Now Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned: but what sayest thou? (John

Occasionally people ask me if we have kept track of what prophecies have come true and which ones have not. I never bother to do so. [It's too big a job anyway.]

We do not keep score on the prophets.

It may be that every prophecy of disaster that never happens is a testimony of intercession that did happen. After all, Jonah's preaching would have been somewhat less effective, [understatement intended], had he spoken in terms of possibilities.

When a prophecy is conditional, when there are some 'if' clauses to it, we may not know what they are. The Lord may or may not expressly state the conditions to a prophecy. That's none of our business. Our job as prophets is to obey to the best of our abilities and give our 'thus sayeth the Lord's regardless of the consequences, regardless of what happens and especially regardless of what others may think, say or do. The Lord is the one who keeps score. And that is based on our obedience, not our track record as prognosticators. As we know He looks at the heart, not the outward appearance.

I don't think we need to be in the business of keeping score over who was right and who was wrong. [Lover covers a multitude of sins.] I don't have a problem when someone's word doesn't happen. Nor do I get upset when one article is doom and gloom and the next is sunshine and roses. Nor when they contradict each other, or even when they contradict themselves. [You can find contradictions in the Bible if you are looking for them.]

I can spot the obvious flakes and errors, and attitude problems. [And some not so obvious, because of the training, [reflected in my own articles], that the Lord has put me through.] And I may still post some of those articles anyway, when there is merit that outweighs the problems.

But I can not automatically discern what is of God, lest I operate in my own strength. For the most part, I have no discernment, unless God gives it to me. As Daniel said about dreams, interpretations belong to God. He had to wait for the interpretation to come to him. So it is with discernment. Often discernment does not come. [That doesn't mean we can't miss it by failing to wait!]

I have my personal preferences, limitations and biases and these play a part in deciding what gets published here. That is to say, I have some favorite topics and writers, and also some topics and writers I avoid. This will mean that sometimes I miss something that should get published, and sometimes post some things not worth bothering with. I hope you understand this. The collection of material on End Time Prophetic Vision is not without editorial slant. But I do not delete portions of text that I disagree with. I publish what I feel is important, interesting or inspiring, [always adored alliteration] but it is still from my limited point of view.

But as I said, For the most part, I have no discernment, unless God gives it to me.

My understanding of the word is limited. The Word is not. To insist that things line up with the word may be to insist that they conform to my limited understanding of the word. The word of God understands me far better than I understand the Word.

And I certainly do not want to sit in on people. That would firmly place are sure to miss the blessing.

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