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The article below is written in response to last weeks post Luther and Church Reformation.

Dear Clay and List Members

You had a really great discussion on church reformation last week. The tie in with the film Luther is truly a prophetic sign.

I enjoyed the discussion so much that I re-posted the entire series of messages on my WebSite, End Time Prophetic Vision,

Near the end of the series of messages you were looking for someone to disagree with Danette Mallard, so I am going to offer a minor disagreement, and cover a couple other points.

First a comment on Danette and what can be expected in the coming reformation.

Second, an illustration of the process from scripture.

And finally, a look at what it means to come out of Babylon.

Danette wrote:

Do you think the organized church will be reformed? I cant even begin to see anything like that happening that day is over. God is putting together his own people, shaping his remnant and they'll be totally separate from organizations.

I cant even imagine that he would reform an organized giant with masses of people who have chosen the broad road. I don't think he's ever gonna come in and sweep through them and bring reform. Its always been the nature of God as far as I can see to go out to the lowly places and raise them up. That churchy world out there doesn't even know for the most part what God is doing in secret right under their noses. He didn't reveal his own sons birth to the "church", he went out in the fields and revealed him to some lowly shepherds. Just wonder why I'm all the time hearing "reformation" when all along I see God giving that big organized institutionalized giant up.

When people talk about "revival" and "reformation" I've gotta assume they mean remnant, as far as the rest of the masses, I see a great falling away led by a Laodician system that was never of God. God is pouring out his spirit on a remnant, different day now than then. Hey I welcome being wrong, but the day of the organization is over and those who opt out will be few but powerful!

Sis in Christ, Danette

Where I disagree with Danette is in her expectation that the mass of people in today's organized church will be left out of the coming move. The organized church of today may pass away, but the people will have greater things to occupy themselves with. I offer the following long quote from Rick Joyner, which shows what we can expect to happen with the denominations and such in the days to come.

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