Bait on the Hook

by Bill Somers

"Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices." (2 Corinthians 2:11)

The Ancient order of Assassins

An historic legend in the Middle East concerns the so called Ancient order of Assassins. This group was a cult branching off of Islam. It was supposedly led by the Old Man of the Mountain, a mythic figure named Hassan. Hassan's method of recruiting men to serve as assassins involved the use of Hashish, a drug based on opium. The words 'assassin' 'hashish' and 'hassan' are perhaps somehow related in Arabic.

Anyway Hassan had a remote mountain fortress where he trained spies and assassins. These men had to be willing to go on suicide missions and obey orders at all costs. Hassan had a way to get them to believe that if they sacrificed their lives on a mission, they would automatically go to Allah's Paradise. There they would enjoy pleasures for all eternity.

How did he do this? Sometime, early in their training, the men would be drugged with Hashish. Then while they were unconscious, they would be taken to another, secret part of the fortress. There when they awoke they found themselves in the midst of luxurious apartments and gardens. There they could indulge themselves on the finest foods and wines. They were waited upon by harems of beautiful women who gave them every sort of sexual pleasure. All the while the men were kept slightly drugged. They were told that this was Allah's Paradise and that all good servants of Hassan would go there when they died.

Next they were drugged unconscious again and taken back to their former quarters. When they awoke to a normal state they believed that they had been to paradise. After this, they would do anything Hassan asked them to do.

Some say that Hassan never existed and the whole thing is a myth. Whether it's true on not, it illustrates a pattern of deception that the enemy of our soul commonly employs.

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