Paul Erdman

This is taken from the novel "Panic of '89" by Paul Erdman. It is included to show the extent of anti-American sentiment around the world. And to prove that the prophesied turn of events, all the world turning against the U.S., is not inconceivable.

"The United States, by the end of 1988, had become the world's most hated country And not just in Latin America where the United States had for generations been regarded as the world's last imperialist power. No the same hatred was also endemic in Europe. Here the United States was seen as a bully nation led by primitive men who were forever threatening the extinction of mankind, obsessed, as they were, with retaining global power no matter what the cost might be ... for others. If it come to a showdown with the Russians, many Europeans were convinced that the Americans would the last German and Frenchman and Britisher. Better them dead than America Red.

"In Asia the United States was seen as a big crybaby. The Americans had, to a man, been for free trade as long as the rest of the world lay in ruins after World War II. Peoples everywhere were desperate for all those things which only America could supply. They bought them regardless of either price or quality. But when the productive facilities of the rest of the world were finally renewed, the Americans suddenly found that they were no longer able to compete with Japan and Hong Kong and Taiwan and South Korea in steel and automobiles and consumer electronics and textiles and even computers. When free trade no longer meant easy profits for Detroit or Silicon Valley -- what did they do? Instead of working a little harder, they tried to force the government in Washington to close up their markets by establishing import quotas. And when it worked, they said to the foreigners: "Too bad. We have to look after ourselves for a change."

"In the Middle East, the United States was seen as a nation which would never cease giving blind support to Israel. In black Africa, it was seen as a silent supporter of apartheid; in white South Africa it was seen as a nation of gullible wimps who would rather listen to Bishop Tutu than the Reverend Jerry Falwell."

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