Appendix D Mary Stewart Relfe

Synopsis and Comment re: Dimitru Duduman by Mary Stewart Relfe of the League of Prayer

The Angel Gabriel told Dimitri "America Will Burn" America will be deceived by Russia's "Peace! Peace!" This tape was made a couple of years before Glasnost.

Russia will locate our nuclear missile silos. And from Cuba and Nicaragua, bombard them. Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City and Florida will burn. Christians, God's blood bought, God will preserve, as He did Shadrac, Meshach and Abednigo in the fiery furnace. The church in America, he said is corrupt, full of divorce and adultery. Its preachers, generally are not declaring the whole counsel of God. Though God does have a remnant.

Revival, for which League of Prayer is praying, is always accompanied by or followed by Judgment. Judgment is not a pleasant subject. The prophet Isaiah calls judgment Gods "strange work" (Isaiah 28:21).

For example, after the great revival of 1858, when millions of people were won to the Lord in this nation, The Civil War soon broke out and took the lives of multitudes, many of whom God had saved.

After the great Wales awakening, that swept the world in 1904 through 1912, World War I broke out and millions of people who were saved in that great revival, their lives were taken in the war. It seems that God always extends his great hand of mercy, before he sends judgment.

While America goes happily along, I can assure that the Holy Spirit has born witness in my heart that the Church is on the Cutting Edge of a great outpouring of God's Spirit in America. And when God's Spirit is poured out in great power on a lukewarm church, there are always "Annaias and Sephiras". Charles Finney spoke of it frequently.

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