Appendix A Brother Anonymous

This is transcribed from a taped TV interview of Brother Anonymous There is a price to pay for the murder of abortion. Jericho paid that price

Crisis draws us together. Every time there's a crisis, people come. It's been that way from the very beginning. God told the children of Israel "When I do these things, then you'll seek me early. When I do these things, then you'll call upon my name. When I do these things to you, then you'll know that I am God. "It's been that way always. It's still that way today. And God still moves that way to get us to bow our knee.

Crisis is coming to America. To get us to repent, to bow our knees. To get us to give Jesus Christ Lordship over our lives. Not just to know Him but to know all of Him. Not just to have heard of him but to know all about him. To be intimate. We're gonna end up bowing our knee before God Almighty. And God will save us.

"In the war that's coming we will not be defeated, but we will be hurt. We will be neutralized. We're not going to come out of it unscathed. China and Russia are both going to invade our territory. There's going to be tremendous nuclear, or limited nuclear warfare. But tremendous bombing and a new type of weaponry that is going to hit the east and the west coasts of the United States. And those cities. The purpose in that is to desolate the populous areas. So then when invasion troops and invasion forces come in there'll be fewer people that they have to deal with.

And they are not really after our cities; they are gonna be after our farms. They're gonna be after our agricultural land. That's what they're coming after. That's why they are gonna wipe out the populous areas, or try to, and then invade the middle of America.

I've seen missiles coming from submarines, to do it. And for some reason, the Lord told me, the missiles that Russia has are not accurate, and so they won't depend on those greatly. But they'll depend on submarine warfare. The missiles will come from submarines. But they don't have a long range and so they'll mainly attack the coastal areas.

But the great thing is that we'll win. It'll look like were going to be defeated. It'll bring us to our knees. But were gonna win. At the same time, not only will we be neutralized but Russia will be neutralized. Russia will have - nothing - after it's all said and done. And we'll have nothing after it's all said and done. Basically, we'll have life. There'll be some life left.

But when Russia's neutralized and America's neutralized, then you'll see the Anti-Christ arise in power. That's when he'll arise. And he'll say 'Ah, now' to himself or to those around him, 'since I don't have anything to worry about in America, I'll leave it alone. The United States, I don't have to worry about it; it's no longer a power. I don't have anything to worry about with Russia, it's no longer a power. So I'm gonna concentrate all my forces upon this European segment.

But there is a force, Israel, I've got to deal with. Because it's a thorn in my side. And God says 'I'll put a hook in your jaw and I'll draw you out. He's gonna put a hook in the jaw and He's gonna draw him out. And they're gonna come against Israel. But they won't have the United States to worry about. They won't have Russia to contend with. It'll be the anti-Christ forces that are gonna bring this invasion of Israel.

But were gonna be neutralized and we won't be able to intervene. Only God can intervene. And in a way, that's what God wants. Is that when Israel can't say 'Help!' to anybody but God. Only God will they be able to say help to. And when they say, 'Daddy, help me!' he'll help them. And he'll intervene, Miraculously!

But that's the time period that were coming to. And so not a lot of people have thought that China would be involved in the invasion. But China is gonna be involved in the invasion. A lot of people said well that's impossible because Russia and China hate each other. Well they're gonna unite for a common cause. And when you unite for a common cause, each one of them will probably be thinking, 'Well when it's over with, I'll take care of the other guy.' And so were gonna be invaded.

China will still have enough people, after it's said and done. China will still have enough people to send millions and millions. A hundred million marching toward Israel. They won't be technological giants. But they'll be giants in physical numbers, numbers of men. Numbers in the army that they'll still be able to amass. But they'll join, they're gonna join Russia in this coming invasion.

God will supernaturally intervene. But the time frame it's gonna leave us with is that you'll see a lot more horse and buggy's on the roads than you'll see cars. I've seen a time when there's very, very few automobiles on the road, and a lot of horses. A lot of buggies; a lot of wagons. Some of them are really strange wagons. It's like they didn't know how to build them. They just constructed anything that would haul something. It's like people who didn't know how to do, how to build but did the best they could. And so you saw a lot of strange things on the road.

When I have visions, like this, the Lord gives me visions or dreams, it's as if I went through this time period. So I can remember seeing certain things. Just like I can close my eyes and I can see 'em just like I can see you. It's like I lived through it. I lived through the horse and buggies. I lived through a time when there was no radio. I lived through a time when there was no TV. I lived through a time when the people didn't know if there was any government.

So for a period of time, there was government by God through the people. And God literally formed theocracy. Not a democracy, not a monarchy, not a king. But a theocracy. For He told people what to do. Men were led by the Spirit of God. They made decisions based upon what the Holy Spirit of God said to do. And they lived.

And if they needed water, they walked out. The Holy Spirit says "here!" They drilled; Here; and there was water. They didn't have to drill ten times. They drilled one time. There was the water.

So it's gonna be an interesting time period that were entering into. A lot of people are anti that. I can't help it. This is actually what's going to take place in the United States of America.

But I tell you the Power of God! The power of God that's coming in this next move. That will move here is going to be quite dramatic

The Lord wants this word to come out. He wants the church to hear. The Lord God is with them in all these things that are coming in the earth; coming stock market crash; coming famine; coming gangs that are going to start roaming when welfare is greatly cut back. Eventually there will be no welfare.

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