Another Warning Of Judgment

Another confirmation came in 1991, through a prophetess, Peggy Richards. It came out during the Gulf War and was quoted by Pastor Rod Aguillard in one of his messages. What follows next is a quote of that prophecy and some discussion of the relevant issues.

The following dialogue is taken from 'Seven Prophetic Events' a tape by Bro. Rod Aguillard 1-23-91, available from Reserve Christian Fellowship, POB AA, Reserve LA, 70084.

Questioner in audience: "Do you think David Wilkerson's Prophecy that America is doomed is inevitable or where do we stand on this?"

Pastor Aguillard: "I think that if we continue to intercede and if we stay true to Israel that God's hand of Judgment can be stayed. But then when the United States of Europe comes into power, we are going under "

Second questioner in audience: "Don't you think David Wilkerson's prophecy is more of a Nineveh type prophecy? That we can stay God's hand of judgment through our repentance, just like Nineveh did with Jonah."

Pastor Aguillard: "Yea, I believe we can

"Sister Peggy (Richards) prophesied in a meeting Mary and I was at. She just came up and started prophesying.

"I see a nation," thus saith the lord, "there's a nation that hates you more than the nation you're fighting. [IRAQ] That is waiting for you to get weakened. And then they will invade your waters and invade your land and your cities will be on fire."

"And she spoke that through prophecy.

"Now that can happen! You know that's a Nineveh prophecy. And that agrees with Wilkerson's that our nation would be sieged with bombs and partly destroyed. The guy from Romania that came in, he has a tape out, God showed him a vision of our cities on fire.

"I don't know if were going to suffer that, but I think a lot of that can be stayed. That's Judgment unto desolation. It can be stayed. If we do what God's asked. He said 'If I can find me intercessors, I desire not to destroy the land.'

"We're targets for destruction because of the shedding of innocent blood, and the idolatry and adultery in our land.

"But that Judgment can be stayed, number one because of Israel, but not just Israel, I think its going to take intercessors working. It'll take both. If those two things don't happen, I believe we are going to be judged to desolation. I hope we are going to obey God. If we don't, we'll die with the wicked in Judgment."

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