An Illustration from Scripture

This can be seen illustrated in the story of the construction of Solomon's temple.

David had the desire to build a house or temple, but God only allowed him to gather some of the materials and plan for the building.

Solomon, Shelomoh in Hebrew, means peaceful. His name speaks of the time of peace or rest. The Sabbath rest or seventh day is when the actual assembly and completion of God's dwelling takes place. His dwelling is his rest or place of rest. Psalm 132 is a prayer for the Lord to come into his rest. This means to come and dwell in his resting-place. This resting-place is in his body, the church, once it is properly assembled.

Ps 132:8 Arise, O LORD, into thy rest; thou, and the ark of thy strength.

When David passed on and Solomon came to rule speaks of this time of rest. And it was Solomon who built the temple, which is a type of the place of rest. Solomon used the materials David had gathered but also gathered 10 times as much besides that, which also went into the temple building.

Now look at the ideas of assembly and growth. Solomon assembled the materials David gathered, and then he added another 10 times more. Comparing this to the end time revival it implies that the Body Of Christ will experience at least a 10 times increase in growth during the harvest, once it is revived [properly assembled].

Let's take this illustration a little further. David's rule represents the church from the time of Jesus till now. Just as David gathered building materials, the church has had converts all this time. David never actually constructed the temple. In like manner the church has never been properly assembled, at least that part of it that is on the earth. When Solomon took over all he had was a lot of building materials laying all about in no particular order. This is like the church of today. We have millions of Christians all over the world who are not rightly connected or assembled into a body. In many cases, they are actually fighting each other. Solomon starts to build the temple and put all the materials at hand to use. Likewise the coming of the Lord as the latter rain will put things in order in his Church, and establish his kingdom.

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