America Will Burn

My next confirmation came by way of a tape circulating around with the appealing title "America Will Burn!" Here is the core of the message of that tape.

(This material is taken from a tape titled America Will Burn! which is distributed by the League of Prayer PO Box 4038, Montgomery AL 36104. It consists of a conversation between an interviewer, Duduman and an interpreter. The language of the revelations is somewhat awkward because the interpreter is doing a running translation of Duduman speaking in his native tongue.)

Duduman tells something of his experiences under communist persecution in Romania, and his supernatural deliverance with the assistance of the Angel Gabriel.

He leaves Romania and comes to America but is greatly disappointed by his treatment here. At a time of deep discouragement, he once again encounters the Angel Gabriel

"He said "America will burn." I said "How will America burn?" I said why did you bring me here, why didn't you let me die in jail in Romania." He said, "I told you to have patience." and he said get on this here next me. I got on something. It wasn't a vision. It wasn't a dream. I was awake like I'm awake now. And he showed him all over California. He showed him Las Vegas. And he said, 'Do you see what I've shown you here?" He said this is Sodom and Gomorra and all of this, in one day it will burn."

"He went and he showed him New York and he said "This is New York. And he said this is Sodom and Gomorra. In one day it will burn." He went and showed him Florida. And he said, "This is Florida." And he said, "Everything that I've shown you, in one day it will burn." "I said, 'How will it burn in one day?'" Because the Russian spies have found out the most powerful nuclear warehouses in America. And when the Americans will think it's peace and safety, the communists from America will start a Revolution against the government, and the government will be busy with them. And then, he said, from the ocean, from Cuba, from Nicaragua, from Mexico, and he told him two other countries but he don't remember these. And they will bomb the nuclear warehouses. And America will burn."

...And the Angel said also; he said that "The Lord has blessed this country. Because of the Jewish people that is in this country." He said that "over here he has 7 million Jewish. Which they never tasted of torture. They never went through tortures; through hard times; and the Lord has blessed them in this country. But they don't want to recognize the Lord. They started sinning. And they started all kinds of evil things. And the Lord wants to punish them together with America. And Israel is not recognizing the Messiah, because they put their faith on the Jewish people from America. And the Lord will punish America.

And then when America will be punished, all the people will be frightened. The Lord will give power to China and Japan, and other nations. And they will go against the Russians and they will beat the Russians. He said they will push them all the way to the gates of Paris. Over there they will make a treaty of peace.

And all the people, they will turn towards Israel. That's when the war of Armageddon will be. He said that Israel will be frightened. They will not have the help from America no more. And then they will call upon the Messiah. That's when the Messiah will come. In the help of Israel.

But the church must meet the messiah. We must get ourselves ready so we can meet the Lord. Because Christ will set on the Mount of Olives together with the church."

And he told him this, "Tell this to all the people. Tell them to read from the bible." I asked him, he said, "If you're the Angel of the Lord, where does it say in the bible what you just told me?" And he said "Tell them to read this. In

Jeremiah 51:8-15, and Revelation, chapter 18. Over there it tells exactly what will happen to America. And how America will burn. And the battle that Christ will go against, he'll fight against all the nations. How Christ will fight against all the nations." He said "Tell them to read from Zechariah, chapter 14."

Brother Anonymous's vision and Washington's agree in many details. Duduman's message from the angel only covers only the bombing attack. Note how it mentions specific areas to be bombed which fit in with the coastal areas mentioned by Brother Anonymous. He also gives other details of how this attack comes about. The full text of the Duduman message is included in the appendix.

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End of Days Apocalypse

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