America Is Saved

And after the judgment: further restoration and rebuilding. The Brother Anonymous prophecy and the Washington vision both offer hope in the end. So the turning point that brings revival means that America Is Saved!

To illustrate this point the Lord took me in memory to a book I had read many years ago. 'War and Peace'.

In Tolstoy's 'War and Peace' there is a memorable scene, late in the book which shows the military insight of the Russian commander, General Kutuzov.

Napoleon had invaded Russia in 1812, defeating the Russians at every turn. He advanced deep into Mother Russia, and took Moscow. But then he retreated seeking better winter quarters. History sees this as the turning point in the war but it was not. On the way out of Moscow, his army came to a fork in the road. One way led west, the way they had come. The other road went off to the southwest. It was at this point that some surviving elements of the Russian army made a stand and skirmished with the French by blocking the southwest fork.

Rather than stopping to regroup for battle, Napoleon took the other road.

Upon hearing the report of this action, General Kutuzov did something that astonished the staff officers in his headquarters. He fell to his knees weeping, and cried out, giving thanks to God, "Russia is Saved! Russia is Saved!"

You see, he alone of all the men there realized that THIS was the turning point of the war. By taking the westerly road, Napoleon would be forced to pass through regions he had already come through once already during his advance on Moscow. These regions would now be depleted of the supplies his army would need to survive. (Napoleon would end up leaving Russia with slightly less than 10% of the army he had when he began the retreat.) Kutuzov alone had the insight into the situation, and praised God for Russia's deliverance. This he did while those around him had no understanding of the situation.

The same thing can be said for us. The Lord gave me this parallel to show that America is Saved!

So America is Saved in that it is not to be judged unto desolation and utterly destroyed at the Second Coming of Jesus. It will be judged, purged, purified and restored as a Godly covenant nation ready for the return of the master.

Perhaps, This also means that AntiChrist will not rule America! ARISE, SHINE

At the time of the outpouring and the great harvest, we will not see a total transformation of the moral climate of the nation. This was the case in several past revivals. But this is a case of Isaiah 60:1-2.

Isaiah 60 1. Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee. 2 For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.

God will give revival in some areas but Satan will control others. This is seen in the parable of the tares and wheat. The tares are allowed to ripen along with the wheat, just before the harvest. There will be great contrasts between light and darkness; between the church and the world.

The areas of revival will be places of great light and anointing; refuge and refreshment for God's people.

The righteous grow more righteous and the wicked grow more wicked. The iniquities of America will come to the full as the sins of the Amorites did. When this comes about, the church will be in her glory leading multitudes to salvation. But the wicked will be in power and the country in chaos. Our nation will turn against Israel and this will be the final straw bringing down God's judgment.

But the Lord's people will come out from Babylon and many will survive the bombing in miraculous ways.

This also means that from the time of the bombing onward, antichrist forces will no longer rule. And that when America fully repents and humbles herself as a nation, several important changes will take place. The tide of battle will turn against the invaders. (Duduman's prophecy indicates that our enemies will begin to fight amongst themselves. So the lord will put confusion in their ranks!) Secondly, Theocracy will be established and we will once again be a covenant people in right standing with God. Thirdly we will not be ruled over by antichrist, nor among the nations that march against Israel. Fourth we are not appointed unto the final outpouring of God's wrath upon the nations at the end.

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