The following paragraph is taken from an article in The Morning Star Prophetic Journal Vol 1 Nr 1. p. 45 1991 and Beyond by Rick Joyner

"The U.S. and her allies will win the impending Middle-East conflict but no one has yet comprehended the magnitude of the cost in both lives and future world influence. The eagle (U.S.) will have her "right wing" broken (conservative politics) and begin a downward spiral

I read this prophecy when it came out in early 1991. It came home to roost in the late fall of 1992, after I had completely forgotten it. Tony Foster wrote to me from Russia, after the 1992 election was over and said the election results were that prophecy coming to pass! Of course he was right.

Our pastor, Rod Aguillard, points out that in 1988 the church received a call to rise up and put a stop to abortion through operation rescue. She did not, as a whole, answer that call. Therefor God has now turned us over to an oppressor, just like He did to Israel so many times in the book of Judges and elsewhere. (Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem...) When the oppression gets bad enough, we will call upon his name.

Rev. Harold Cohen, a charismatic catholic priest in New Orleans, pointed this out, just after the election. The majority of Americans voted against the pro-life candidate (Bush). So in effect the U.S. has chosen death instead of life, and cursing instead of blessing. Not discouraged he added "We don't know what the future holds, but we know Who holds the future!"

Now we see in the Clinton Administration foolish policies that will deliberately cripple our economy and devastate our military strength. Policies that will place us exactly in position for the coming prophesied catastrophes. We have chosen death, as a nation, and the curses are now piling up ever faster. And at the same time God is pouring out the new wine to the faithful remnant among his people. "He that sitteth in the Heavens shall laugh."

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