Prophetic Dream

by Bill Somers

This is a dream I had during the summer of 1996. This dream involves a warfare situation.

We, perhaps America, had been the subject of a foreign invasion. (I am familiar with prophecies that speak of America being invaded at some point so that was my impression.)

Somehow I found myself a part of the army involved in the battle. Everyone was involved since this threat was so great that all citizens automatically became soldiers. I seem to remember everyone wearing camo fatigues and carrying small arms.

As a result of the invasion we were forced to retreat in confusion. We found ourselves in unfamiliar territory, at night, and skirmishes were taking place all around. We had no idea where we were where the enemy was or what was going on.

As the day dawned we could see that we were all on the same side and a cease fire went into effect at once.

I don't know if I was an advisor or what, but I had an urgent need to get a hold of my commanding officer and pass along some critical advice. Based on my view of the situation there were three fundamental things that had to be done as soon as possible. They are:

1. establish communications.

2. unify the command.

3. take the city.

At this point, I felt I had discharged my obligation. It was now up to the commanding officer to act on these suggestions.

Afterward, the Lord showed me the interpretation. The War in question is the coming civil war in the Church.

The dawning of the day, with its cease fire marks the end of the judgment and the beginning of the blessing. It is The Revelation of Jesus Christ, much like when the Lord opened Baalam's eyes. Then he understood the situation and the danger he was in. Then he fell on his face and worshipped. Then he repented and became obedient to his Lord.

This is when we see that while we were fighting each other, we were really all on the same side. Now we would begin to fight the real enemy!

The personal part I play was in a prophetic role, helping to lead to unity in the Church. Back to: HOMEPAGE or FILELIST of

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