A prophecy by Bill Somers

"Now Elisha was fallen sick of his sickness whereof he died. And Joash the king of Israel came down unto him, and wept over his face, and said, O my father, my father, the chariot of Israel, and the horsemen thereof. And Elisha said unto him, Take bow and arrows. And he took unto him bow and arrows. And he said to the king of Israel, Put thine hand upon the bow. And he put his hand upon it: and Elisha put his hands upon the king's hands. And he said, Open the window eastward. And he opened it. Then Elisha said, Shoot. And he shot. And he said, The arrow of the LORD'S deliverance, and the arrow of deliverance from Syria: for thou shalt smite the Syrians in Aphek, till thou have consumed them. And he said, Take the arrows. And he took them. And he said unto the king of Israel, Smite upon the ground. And he smote thrice, and stayed. And the man of God was wroth with him, and said, Thou shouldest have smitten five or six times; then hadst thou smitten Syria till thou hadst consumed it: whereas now thou shalt smite Syria but thrice." (2 Kings 13:14-19)

"And Jehoash the son of Jehoahaz took again out of the hand of Benhadad the son of Hazael the cities, which he had taken out of the hand of Jehoahaz his father by war. Three times did Joash beat him, and recovered the cities of Israel." (2 Kings 13:25)

In the above passage, the Lord established a pattern for victory which he repeats again in the New Testament. The way to describe or characterize this pattern is this. He grants three victorious campaigns against the enemy. In this context they are historic military campaigns, but they are also prophetic types of future spiritual campaigns, against spiritual enemies.

There are three sets of three victorious campaigns. In other words this pattern of three victories in the natural, is a pattern to be fulfilled three times in the spiritual. Two of them are found in the New Testament, the third is yet to come.

The first of these spiritual campaigns is found in the three and one half year ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, the forerunner of the Church.

The second of the three is found in the three missionary journeys of Paul, a type of the Church. The third will be found in the end time harvest of the Church.

Without going into exhaustive detail on the first two, I just ask you to recall that many editions of the Bible will have maps in the back. Most always these maps include the three journeys of Jesus around Palestine, and Paul's three missionary voyages. Both of these represent three victorious campaigns against enemy territory. The enemy territory, in Jesus case, was the lands frequented by Jews of Galilee and Judea. For Paul, it was the known world of Greek and Roman civilization.

For the Church of today and the end times we are entering into, enemy territory is the entire world! The Prophecy.

Just as ancient Israel enjoyed three victorious campaigns against her enemies. And just and the Lord Jesus carried out three victorious campaigns against His enemies. And just as Paul's voyages represent three victorious campaigns against the enemy. The Lord has shown me that His Church will experience:


This will represent the final set of three victorious campaigns and will be the final fulfillment of the pattern set down in 2nd Kings 13.


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