Pattern in the Fall Feasts

OK lets look at the ideas behind each element here. A Season Of Repenting A Call For Repentance Intense Repentance Getting Right with God

Preparing a Dwelling, Time of Great Joy, Harvest

Do you see a pattern here? First of all, we see Repentance, Repentance and Repentance. That's a great thing, you can't overstress it. It's like those other repetitive slogans: Location, Location and Location; or Prioritize, Prioritize and Prioritize.

And then what does repentance produce? Getting right with God of course!

OK so what does Getting right with God result it? It results in a great many things, and they are expressed in a great variety of ways all through the bible. Here we see three mentioned.

Getting right with God brings great joy. There is just nothing comparable to the Joy of the Lord! He says The Joy of the Lord is my strength.

Preparing a Dwelling speaks of dwelling with God and Him dwelling with you. It's entering in and dwelling with Him, in his Rest and his Peace.

Consider now that Tabernacles is the seventh feast and comes in the seventh month. It is a High Holy Day and a Sabbath [Lev. 23:39]. Entering in and dwelling with Him, in his Rest as we said above speaks of the Sabbath rest. In the quotes from Leviticus you can see a continual emphasis on doing no work. This is a time when we must stop all striving, struggling and trying to do things in our own strength. A time to give up what we have on our agenda and get with God's agenda.

As the Sabbath is the seventh day, it corresponds to the seventh millennium in God's prophetic week. This is a clue that the final fulfillment of Tabernacles is in this seventh millennium.

Now tabernacles takes place during the time of fruit harvest. [Passover is at the barley harvest, and Pentecost is at the wheat harvest, so the idea of harvest is always an element of these feasts.]

Getting right with God brings a great harvest into his Kingdom. This is also part of the Joy.

From this, you should be able to see elements of one of our two main themes: End Time Revival and Harvest.

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