Look At The Conspiracy Artist

The conspiracy artist preaches to those who want to believe in the conspiracy, so he is relieved of the burden of proof. He can make any outrageous claim he feels like, and it is never questioned by his dedicated audience.

He operates in a spirit of pride, pride in knowing. Also he uses an appeal to the pride of his readers or listeners, letting them feel that the average person is just an ignorant or apathetic boob, while we who are aware of this conspiracy are really the only ones in the know. Implying that we are better than the average Joe. We have inside knowledge. We are special.

The bible warns us about pride that comes from knowing things, or from thinking we know things.

1 Corinthians 8:1 Now as touching things offered unto idols, we know that we all have knowledge. Knowledge puffeth up, but charity edifieth.

The conspiracy artist has a wide range of tools to use in his craft. For example, appeals to pride, and arrogance. He makes full use of: accusations, slander, exaggeration, innuendos or derogatory insinuations; rumors, misquotations, half truths, dubious statistics and outright lies. Logical fallacies such as invalid conclusions, jumping to conclusions and wild generalizations are his stock in trade. A common tactic is the 'argument from authority'. This is where you are told to accept someone's opinion because just they are an expert in some area. This is a way of bypassing the need to prove what you claim.

They will make long lists of items with even the remotest connection to their subject. The longer the better, so the reader is overwhelmed by what they claim to be a body of evidence. And if the reader thinks about checking the facts, it's hard to tell where to start, even if there were an easy way to verify what is being claimed. Great use is made of words with negative connotations: alleged, supposed, so-called and so on are used to imply falsehood. They ignore any contradictory data. Some of what they say will be true, but the level of mixture is usually pretty high.

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