Figure of the End Time Church Bill Somers

Jepthah or Jiphtah means "he opens" or Whom God sets free, or the breaker through.

The Story of Jepthah is found in Judges 11:1 to 12:7 On first reading of this passage, you may think that it depicts a horrifying, senseless act of barbarism. For that reason, most readers will not want to spend much time going back over the story. But hold on here, there end time implications if you study the typology.

The End Time implications can be seen once you realize that Jepthah is a type of Jesus Christ; and Jepthah's brethren represent Israel. Further meaning becomes clear when you see that Jepthah's daughter is a type of the End Time Church. And her sacrifice, as a necessary part of God's End Time Plan. I didn't want to believe this myself when the Lord first showed it to me. But if you read carefully, the pieces fall into place.

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