Dream by Nancy Gaitan Interpretation by Bill Somers

[Originally written July 2000]

First the dream Nancy Gaitan

I had a dream in which I was riding in an "old" car, there was an older man driving, and an older woman sitting next to him in the front seat. I

was sitting in the back seat looking around. We were on a dirt road going up the north side of a mountain (in the dream the mountain was a mountain here called Konocti).

I looked out of the window and on my left, I saw a large commercial plane. It was painted Red, White, and Blue (this part I believe is significant to the larger picture, as we live in a small rural community where there is not an airport for commercial airlines to land here ). It seemed to be circling and getting lower and lower, all of a sudden I realized, the plane was going to CRASH into the side of the mountain! It was right over our heads now and I said to the older man who was traveling very slowly, to HURRY UP, and get out of there! All of a sudden the plane crashed into the side of the mountain. It was a very terrible crash.

Suddenly I was no longer in the old car, but on a bicycle by myself trying to get away, when I noticed a large group of people milling around the crash site. There were some news crews, TV people, cameras etc. They were all hanging around the crash. I then started peddling as fast as I could to get as FAR AWAY from the crash as I could, when all of a sudden I looked behind me to the mountain where the plane had crashed, and there was a HUGE fiery explosion, that went miles into the air!! I said "Oh God, all of those people!! I then started peddling frantically knowing I had to get to higher ground, and put as much space as possible between myself and the explosion. The dream then ended.

A couple of items from the dream occurred to us. The commercial plane being painted Red, White, and Blue, would seem to signify America. The news media being present at the crash. We wondered if there might be a financial crash coming on the horizon? The older car and people she could relate to some things she has been praying about, but wonders if they also have a larger significance. Anyway, please pray, and would appreciate any insight the Lord would give, especially for prayer and intercession.

Interpretation - Bill Somers

The dreamer represents the prophetic element of the present church. While two old people driving the car, represent the present church leadership. They are in the drivers and navigators seats, and in control of things. The fresh young prophetic people are represented by the rider stuck away in the back, suppressed and ignored.

They are pursuing the things of God as best as they know how. This is shown in that they are driving up the north side of the mountain. [Let us go up to the mountain of the Lord. . . . Mt. Zion on the side of the north.]

The other detail here is that it's a dirt road, one that is not well traveled. This shows that not many are truly seeking the kingdom even in this day.

The prophetic person can clearly see that the plane is going to crash, but the others cannot.

The prophetic dreamer attempts to warn the driver of the crash, that time is short. The Plane is right over their heads at this point. [Come out of her my people.}

The plane crash of the USA, obviously, is an economic crash as suggested by the fact that it is a commercial plane, not a military one.

Other details speak as well. The plane in going in circles, lower and lower. This shows that the USA has lost it course and is on a downward spiral morally.

Also as the mountain represents the things of God, the USA crashing into the mountain indicates a conflict between the course that the USA is on and the things of God.

The fact that after wards the dreamer in on a bicycle shows two things. A. After the crash, automotive transportation will be out of the picture [a result of economic collapse]. B, so will the old order in the church [a result of the great shaking].

The crash attracts much attention and commotion, but the prophetic person knows enough to flee the following judgment, whose description could well be that of a nuclear explosion, with it's mushroom cloud going miles into the air. This is signifying the judgment of nuclear war to follow the economic crash.


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