Covenant People

So our covenant doesn't just go back to 1776, neither does our history. The covenant is that made by God with the original colonists who came to this land seeking freedom to worship Him. And, perhaps for their sakes, he would have us to be in right standing with Him when he returns. That he may be able to spare us the final wrath and desolation prepared for the world. Praise God!

What is inevitable is, I believe, a. economic and social chaos, b. bombing of our cities and c. invasion of the land. What is variable is the extent of the damage and the length of the war. This is where God's hand of judgment can be stayed. Once she repents, America needs only to be reduced to the point of being unable to help Israel.

What is not coming to pass amongst all that we have been taught by traditional eschatology is: a. rule by antichrist in America, and b. final desolation in the Day of the Lord.

But just as all the world will come against Israel in the last battle; all the world will first come against America. She is God's other covenant people. And when America finally repents her people will be willing to lay down their lives. Concurrently when the Church finally repents and God's people are willing to lay down their lives, God's purpose will go forward. The enemy will be overcome in the natural and the Adversary will be overcome in the spiritual.

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