A believer in process of becoming holy often will be a mixture of holy and unholy practices

This mixture is not uncommon in the leadership of churches and ministries of the church age systems.

The false does exist and can be discerned by their fruits (Mat 7:16-18). However, what many have called false teachers, false prophets, false apostles, and false signs are not really false but mixtures. The false relates to the unholy (the harlot). The mixture relates to immature are partly holy (the adulteress). The true relates to mature holiness (the pure Bride).

Ron McGatlin

Here is another good quote from an article by Robert Brownell 200+ Principles I've Stumbled Over In My Walk With Christ Robert Brownell


Accusing someone is a serious thing to do, not to be handled lightly, not for the immature, and not to be done without the prompting of the Holy Spirit. In scripture it was handled by the Apostles, by seasoned men and women of God. But even the disciples, as show in the Gospels, misjudged people (Mark 9:38). When you accuse another person without the prompting of the Holy Spirit, you'll be in danger of the trap of the enemy, who greatest weapon is using Christian to accuse other Christians, and cause division. Many times, in the name of "defending the truth", we are often "attacking the body". We are not doing God a favor by attacking His children.

Take a strong warning from Philip Elston, who had a vision several years ago in which he saw the Lord standing with His arms outstretched. Soldiers in blue and gray uniforms were marching past Him on either side, and were laying their bloody swords on His arms. The Lord resolutely looked into the eyes of each one, saying, "No one who has their brother's blood on their sword will be used to build My house."

Pride + Bible knowledge will get you as far as it did with the Pharisees. The Revelation of Jesus Christ

What I anticipate now is That the Lord will bring this civil war to an end. It's time for the Revelation of Jesus Christ. So when he takes the book and opens the seals, we will witness judgments. We know these will begin at the house of God. As he sets the cornerstone in place, this civil war will end. And he will begin to build his house, on the sure foundation so that the gates of Hell will not prevail against it. Amen Come Lord Jesus.

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