Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium. Ed. A. Kazhdan. 3 vols. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1991. Patrologia orientalis

Patrologia graeca = Patrologiae cursus completus. Series graeca.

Patrologia latina = Patrologiae cursus completus. Series secunda in qua prodeunt patres . . . ecclesiae latinae. Comp. byJ.-P.

Migne. 221 in 222 vols. Paris, 1844-64.

Sources chréetiennes

Studies in Church History

Note regarding footnote citations In general, the footnote citation system used in this volume punctuates chapter, page, and volume references as follows: author, title of work volume number if any, chapter, section within the work, page number from specific edition. E.g., Anonymous, Historia 2, II.ii.3,346-47. Thus, chapter 2, section2, part 3 on pages 346-47 in the edition cited in the bibliography of volume 2 of the work entitled Historia by an anonymous author. Unless necessary for clarity, edition editor/translator names are omitted in the footnotes and provided only in the bibliography. E.g., Anonymous, Historia 2, 25-37 (ed. Smith, 399-401) means sections 25 to 37 (or, if these are numbered individually, documents 25 to 37) in volume 2 of Historia by Anonymous are found on pages 399 to 401 in the edition by Smith.

Map 1. The Christian Mediterranean

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