Constantine and, 545-6

Council ofNicaea, number attending, 558

development of ministry in early church,

4i7-2i differentiation and isolation of rival groups as responsibility of, 255 'early Catholicism' (institutionalisation of

Christianity), i23, i33 in Egypt/Alexandria, 339 Eusebius' disrupted list ofJerusalem succession, 299 hospitality as important virtue of, i7i Irenaeus on, 269, 475 in North Africa, 387 Origen on real vs. visible bishops, 259 Pauline mission to Philippi, ii3

presbyteroi, early interchangeability with,

417, 419 priestly typology for, 420-1 in Rome, 404-6 (See also Rome, bishops of)

schools and teachers, relationship between emergent hierarchy and, 487 supremacy in province confirmed at

Nicaea, 559 teaching role of, 486, 487 translation of, Council of Nicaea on, 559 validity to perform spiritual acts due to idolatry, heresy, or schism, 394-5, 479-83 voluntary associations, terms borrowed from, 154 episkopoi, authority of apostolic succession and, 254, 255, 269, 419,

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