ministry of early church, development of,

419-21 on 'Mother Church', 394 North African Christianity evidence for,

381, 389-90 Novatian schism and, 411, 475-7 Petrine basis of episcopal authority asserted by, 411, 477-9 relics, veneration of,39i right of persecuted to flee, defense of,47i schism in Carthaginian church, ecclesiological response to (De catholicae ecclesiae unitate), 477-9 Valerian persecutions, 515, 516 validity of spiritual acts performed by idolators/heretics/schismatics, 479-83 Cyprus

Christian governor of,i59 Jewish revolt of 115/116 ce on, 67 Cyrenaica

Berenice, Jewish diaspora of,60 Jewish ephebes associated with gymnasium of, 63 Jewish revolt of 115/116 CE, 67 sicarii (assassins) active in, 59 Cyril, bishop of Alexandria, 564 Cyril, bishop ofJerusalem, 5

daimones, concepts regarding, 241, 243 Damascus

Gentiles attracted to Judaism in, 64 Pauline mission in, i09 Daniel (biblical book)

Hippolytus' commentary on, 531 politics and government, attitudes towards, 525, 527, 53i Daniel (character), Christian iconography of,

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