Johannine Christianity, 141 memorial nature of, 164-5,166 miracle of loaves and fishes, associated with, 144,165 origins of term, 160,166 pagan cultic practices adapted to

Christianity 14 Passover Seder and, 163, 165 Pauline development of,i20 prayers and rituals associated with, 424 priestly typology for episkopoi and, 421 suspicions of non-Christians about nature of, 507, 509 thanksgiving characteristic of,i60,166 theology of martyrdom and, 373 unity Christian sense of, 166 vine and grape harvest motifs, Christian appropriation of, 573 Euctemon, bishop of Smyrna, 470, 514 eudaimonia, in Graeco-Roman philosophy and pastoral care, 79 Eugnostos the Blessed, 338, 346 Euhemeristic theory of religions, 15 Eumeneia (Phrygia), 303, 309, 312 Euodia and Pauline mission to Philippi, 114 Euplus (Catanian martyr), 503 Eupolemus, 232 Eusebius of Caesarea

Antioch, condemnation at hearing preliminary to Nicaea, 557, 560 Arian controversy and, 556 Asia Minor and Achaea, Christian literary culture of,3i5 Athanasius and, 565

on Bardaisan and Syriac Christianity, 356 canonical writings discussed by, 213 chôra of Egypt, Christian expansion into,

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