Heraclas and didaskaleion (catechetical school) of Alexandria, 341, 492 Heracleon the Valentinian allegorical interpretations refuted by

Origen, 258 John's gospel as viewed by, i90, 325 Heraclides, Origen's debate with, 429, 432 Heraclitus, 238, 243 Herammon, bishop, 515 heresy and schism, 245-6 See also diversity vs. uniformity as characteristic of early Christianity, orthodoxy and proto-orthodoxy, and specific heretical groups and individuals, e.g. Manichaeism heresy and schism (cont.) baptisms performed by heretics/schismatics/idolators, validity of, 394-5, 479-83, 560 Constantine and, 97, 545, 550 demons, as creation of, 254 doctrinal impulse of church behind, 468-9

ecclesial authority in earliest church, i55-6

ecclesial structure of earliest Christianity, i52

ecclesiology of Cyprian in response to schism, 97 Egyptian Christianity, origins of, 336 Gaul, diverse Christian groups in, 370,

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