modern acceptance of pluralism, connection with, 23 North Africa, 393-4

self-definition and differentiation among

Christian groups, 245, 246 Syrian Christianity, 359-62 toleration of diversity 255 divination and signs in Roman religion, 79, 80 divine election

Jewish world-view and, 103-5 Pauline concept of, 111,113,119 self-definition and differentiation vis-a-vis Jewish matrix, 221 divine revelation, nature of, 393-4 Divine Wisdom. See also Holy Spirit; Christology; logos theology Johannine echoes of, 131 logos identified with, 456 Origen on, 465 Paul ofSamosata on, 468 divorce, 279-80

Docetism, Docetists

Asia Minor and Achaea, Christian culture and, 323, 324 Christology and, 453 gospel of Mark used by, 207 historical Jesus, detachment from, 33 Johannine Christianity's tendency towards, i32, i33, i35, i37

Marcionite, 197 doctrinal impulse of church Christian education and, 485 Council of Nicaea and, 552, 554 historical Jesus complicated by, 8-15 monotheism/Christology debates stimulating, 468-9 unity in doctrine vs. conformity in worship,

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