civil government, patterned on, 419, 474 Decian persecutions, ecclesiological argument in support of authority of bishops in aftermath of,4ii, 474-5 lapsi controversy and Novatian schism strengthening, 477 schism in Carthaginian church, ecclesiological arguments in response to, 477-9 Epistle ofAristeas, 61,182 Epistle of Barnabas canonicity of,2i2

Egyptian/Alexandrian Christianity 338 self-definition and differentiation vis-a-vis Jewish matrix, 219-20, 222 Epistle of Pontius Pilate to Claudius, 532 Epistle to Diognetus abandonment ofchildren not practiced by

Christians according to, 28i local culture, theological interpretation of

Christian adaptation of,300 politics and government, attitude towards, 526

social relationship of Christians to world,

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