councils and synods supposedly precipitated by, 429 discipline and repentance ofsinners following baptism, 427, 472 Jewish Christianity, as outgrowth of, 98 Johannine theology and, 324, 325 Montanus, 32i North Africa, 393

orthodoxy and heresy, development of concepts of, 325-7 in Rome, 403 rural origins of,3i7 Victor of Rome and, 255, 256 Moore, Henry, 247 morality

Christian education, ethics as part of, 489, 490

Marcionite devaluation of material world and asceticism, i97 Origen's borrowing of pagan justification of moral use of literature, 499 purity and holiness associated with, 161 Moses derivation of Platonism from, Celsus'

refutation of, 238, 239, 240, 242 derivation of Platonism from, Justin's argument regarding, 231, 233-5, 237 Jesus portrayed in Matthew as new version of, i87

novelty, charged with, 239 mothers children, paternal authority over, 275, 277, 282

concept of'Mother Church', 394 Great Mother, cult of,79 Mary, mother ofJesus, devotion to, 355 multiple attestation, criterion of, 21 Muratorian canon list, 204

Musonius Rufus on education of women, 278 philosophical approach of, 78 mystery religions. See also pagan religions, and specific cults, e.g. Mithras, cult of cultic practices adapted to Christianity, i2 -i5

Pauline mission and, ii7 Roman attraction to, 79, 80 mythical worldviews. See cosmology/cosmogony

Nabataea (Arabia)

Pauline mission in, i09, i50 rural Christianity in, 3ii Nag Hammadi documents

Corpus Hermeticum and location of

Johannine community, i27 Egypt, evidence for Christianity in, 332 John's gospel, role of,i90 Narcissus of Neronias, 557, 558 Nartzalus, 304

natural philosophy or physics as part of

Christian education, 489, 490 Nazareans, Gospel according to, 96 Nazarenes, 99

Neapolis, Paul's mission to, ii2 negative theology of Basilides, 44i Neoplatonism, rise of, 78 Nero, emperor death of, 77

domus aurea (golden house) of, 82 fire of Rome blamed on Christians by, 7i,

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