Basilica of St Peter's in Rome, 402, 542,571,

570-2, 576

Cornelius the centurion and, 108 Jerusalem church, involvement with, 297 Jerusalem council, presence at, 103 Jewish Christian missionary to Gentiles, viewed as, i22 Jewish Christianity, as exemplar of,9i-2 Johannine Christianity's oppositional portrayal of, i34, i35 Marcion's judgment of, 202 Roman mission of, 402 territorial disputes with Pauline mission, i09, ii5

1 Peter canonicity of,2i2, 2i3

epistolary tradition of Paul used by, i92

Pauline aspects of, 92

Peter cast in Pauline light in, 92

pseudonymous nature of,298

self-definition and differentiation vis-a-vis

Jewish matrix, 2i8 slaves and slavery, 284, 286 social and educational levels of early Christian leaders evidenced from writing styles, i58 social relationship of Christians to world,

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