North African Christianity, regarded as true heirs of, 396 origins of schism of, 521 validity ofschismatic baptisms, re-eruption ofcontroversy over, 482, 483 Dorival, Gilles, 350 Dorotheus, 3i0

double dissimilarity, criterion of, 2i dreams, revelatory nature of, 393-4 'drug of immortality' and Eucharist, 424 Druids in Gaul, 367 Dura Europos

Christian house church at, 161, 304,414, 512,

546, 575, 576, 584 mithraeum at, 583 religions of,353 synagogue at, 60, 353, 582 trilingual inscription at, 352 dynamic monarchianism, 457

'early Catholicism' (institutionalisation of

Christianity), i22-4, i33, i54-5, 263 Easter, dates of. See Quartodeciman controversy eastern vs. western views in aftermath ofNicene council, 566-7 filioque controversy 567 on politics and government, 537 Ebionites, 3i, 99, 207, 225, 457 ecclesial buildings. See architecture, and specific structures, e.g. Santa Sabina, Rome ecclesial property and wealth churches, economic and social resources needed to construct, 583 confiscation under Valerian, 5i5 Constantine, access ofchurch to wealth under, 546

Constantine, church-building activities and endowments of,547 ecclesial structures, i45-56 See also councils and synods cities and colonies outside Jerusalem in first century, i50-3 Constantine's intervention in church affairs as imperial precedent, 545, 55i Council of Nicaea as sign of new mode of church government, 552 demographics of early Christianity and,

disagreement, ecclesial ways of dealing with, i55-6 'early catholicism' (institutionalisation of

Christianity), i22-4, i33, i54-5, 263 in Egypt/Alexandria, 338-40 emperor as God's vice-gerent, 55i immunity offered to Christian clergy by

Constantine, 543, 544 institutions ofchurch, development of, 4i6-2i Irenaeus on, 263, 269 Jerusalem church, i49-50 Jesus and his followers, i46-9 Johannine Christianity, i33 marriage oflower clergy, Council of

Nicaea on, 545 Matthew only gospel to use term ekklesia, i87

North Africa, 387

offices of the church, development of, i53-6, 269 (see also diakonoi; episkopoi; presbyteroi) Pauline development of,i20, i50-3

political aspects of (See Christian attitudes towards government and politics; politics and religion) political structure, church first envisioned as, 526

poor, organised church assistance for, 289-9i presbyteral councils, early governance by, i33

Rome, 404-6

schools/teachers, relationship between emergent hierarchy and, 487 ecclesiology, ch. 26

Decian persecutions, response to aftermath of, 474-5 political structure, church envisioned as, 526

schism, unity of church under bishops posited in response to, 477-9 ecstatic or charismatic phenomena, i69 Edessa

Abgar Ukkama, foundation legends associated with, 364-5 Acts of the Edessan Martyrs, 364 Christian community of, 356-7 Chronicle ofEdessa, 356-7 demographics of early Christianity in, 309 martyrdom and persecution in, 364 rural Christianity in hinterlands of,3ii Thomasine tradition of,360 Edict of Milan, 542, 543 education, Christian, 485-8

Alexandria, didaskaleion (catechetical school) of, 340-4, 493-500 Bardaisan and Syriac Christianity, 356-7 basic structure of,490 Christianity's resemblance to a school, 469,

486, 487 curriculum of,488-90 different levels of, 488, 492 doctrinal development of church and,

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