Graeco-Roman philosophy and, 79 local culture, theological interpretation of

Christian adaptation of, 300 of martyrdom, 372

philosophical school, Christian theology's resemblance to, 469 Rome, philosophical schools of,406-ii Syria and Mesopotamia, 353, 354-6, 363-4 Theonas (bishop, Libya), 555, 564 Theonas, bishop of Alexandria, anti-Manichaean writings of,347 Theophilus of Antioch

Theophilus ofAntioch (cont.) antiquity ofJudaism (and hence

Christianity) posited by, 223 on creation ex nihilo, 447-8 on Hermogenes ofAntioch, 445, 447-8 Irenaeus contrasted and compared, 263, 373, 450

Johannine and Pauline writings having little impact on, 264 life and works, 354 logos theology of,454, 456 on Marcion, i95

politics and government, Christian attitudes towards, 528 Theophilus (addressee of Luke-Acts), i59, i89 Therapeutai, 59, 276, 338

1 Thessalonians, ii2-i4

apocalyptic gospel message, extension of, ii3

Marcion's Pauline letter collection containing, 208 seven authentic letters of Paul, i06, i83

2 Thessalonians

Deutero-Pauline nature of, i06, i83 Marcion's Pauline letter collection containing, 208 politics and government, attitude towards,

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