possible Pharisaic education of,59 self-definition and differentiation vis-a-vis

Jewish matrix, 2i6, 2i7, 2i8 on slavery i20, 284 social and educational level, i58, i59 tradition of Church, concept of, 268 Valentinians' claimed connection to, 253, 256

visual representation, Christian deity as beyond, 568, 569 writing style of, i58 Pauline mission, i08-2i Achaea (Corinth), ii4-i7 alternative position within Jesus movement, 2i8 Arabia, Syria, and Cilicia, i09, i50 circumcision and other Jewish practices as understood by iii, ii2, ii8 'early catholicism' (institutionalisation of

Christianity) of, i23 ecclesial structures of,i20, i50-3 Galatia and Asia Proconsularis, i09-i2 God-fearers, Paul's seeking out of, ii2, ii5

historical sensibility of, ii7 indivisibility of apostolate and gospel message, iii, ii3, ii6, i23 justification by faith and divine election according to, iii, ii3, ii9 Macedonia (Thessaloniki and Philippi), ii2 -i4

reasons for success of, ii9-2i Rome, ii7-i8, 402 Spain and western empire, ii8 territorial disputes with Jewish

Christianity, i09, iii, ii5 unity, appeals to, ii5, ii6, ii8 Pauline letters apocalypticism in, 27, ii3 authentic letters, i06, i8i-3 canonicity of,2i2, 2i3 chronological ordering of, 209 collections of, i84, 208-ii decreasing length, ordering of letters by, 209

eschatological tension in, 27 Gentile Christianity, sources for, i06 gospel narrative assumed by, i82, i85

historical Jesus, apparent lack ofinterest in,

3i interpretive issues, i83, 202 Irenaeus claiming for orthodox church, 264, 268

Jerusalem Church as viewed in, 297 letter-writing tradition, exploitation of, i8i, i92

literary style of, i58 Marcionite dependence on, 20i-2, 208-ii non-Pauline missions to the Gentiles evidenced in, i2i old Latin or western tradition, 209, 2i0 pagan cultic influences and adaptations, i5

prophetic tradition of, 29 pseudepigraphic (Deutero-Pauline writings, Pastoral Epistles), i06, i8i-3 Pseudo-Clementine literature, Paul's vilification in, 92 resurrected Jesus, devotion to, 32 rhetorical techniques employed in, 182, i92

seven-churches collection, i84, 209 social and educational levels ofearly Christian leaders evidenced from writing styles, i58 Syrian tradition, 209, 2i0 unfulfilled expectations, Christian conundrum of, 27 Paulinist writings

Acts as advanced stage of Paulinism, 106 Mark regarded as, 94,185 Paul, Acts of, 213, 276, 323 Paul, Apocalypse of, 193 Paul, bishop of Cirta, 520 Paul of Samosata

Asia Minor and Achaea, early Christianity of, 328

Council of Nicaea on, 555

councils and synods, development of,362,

432, 467-8 Dionysius of Alexandria and, 556 monarchian controversy and, 456, 457 monotheism and Christology, 467-8 re-baptism of followers of, 482 Syria and Mesopotamia, early Christianity of, 362-3 tribunal for, 558 Paul and Thekla (Thecla), Acts of, 124, 315, 32i

Paulus, Heinrich, 16

pax Augusta or paxRomana, 70, 265, 529, 536 'peace of the church', 538, ch. 30 Pectorius inscription, Gaul, 378-9 pederasty, 281 Pélagaud, Elysée, 238

Pella (Perea), flight ofJerusalem Christians to, 298 penates, 80 Pentecost, i08

Peregrinus Proteus, Lucian's satire on, 158 Pergamum

Jewish diaspora of, 56 ruler cult at, 317,502, 505 Perge, Pauline mission in, 109 Peripatetics

Aristotelianism, rediscovery of, 79 corruption of philosophy following, 235 Perpetua, martyrdom of, 388, 393, 511 persecution of Christians. See also martyrdom, and under specific areas, e.g. North Africa ist and 2nd centuries, 503-i0 3rd century, 5ii-23 anonymous accusations, 507, 508 atheism, charges of,452, 505, 521, 569 cannibalism, charges of, 507, 509 Claudius, expulsion of Jews from Rome by

66, 71, 93,117, 503 confiscation of Christian property under

Valerian, 5i5 by Decius (See Decius, emperor, persecution of Christians by) by Diocletian (See Diocletian, emperor, persecution of Christians by) by Domitian, 71, 299, 505-6 expansion of Christianity as explanation for, 3i2

fire of Rome and, 71, 503-4 Fronto, oration of, 509 funerary inscriptions and, 303 Gallienus, revocation of edict of 256 ce by,

Hadrian, rescript of, 508

heretics and schismatics, punitive measures turned against, 503, 523 illegality of Christianity before

Constantine, 503, 508, 516 incest, accusations of, 170, 509 Judaism, association of Christianity with,

505, 5i0

legacy of, 522-3

low social status of most early Christians contributing to, 310

persecution of Christians (cont.)

magic, popular association of Christianity with, 504, 507 by Maximinus (See Maximinus (Maximin Daia), emperor, persecution of Christians by) by Nero, 7i, 503-4 Nerva's alleviation of, 506 obduracy, charges of,507, 5i0, 5i3 orgies and sexual license, accusations of,

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