Temple, Jesus' saying against, 26 Gospel of truth, 346 Gospel of the twelve, 96,190 Gospels, 190 see also Synoptic gospels, and specific gospel books, e.g. Luke epiphanic quality of,i0, 185-7 fourfold Gospel, 190-1, 206, 212, 213, 267

(See also John; Luke; Mark; Matthew) Galilee and Judaea in, 37 Gentile Christianity, sources for, 106 historical Jesus, importance of, 34 Jews, blame for death ofJesus shifted towards, 26 Local preferences for one gospel, 207, 208

Marcion's gospel, 202, 205-8 martyrology and vita genres influenced by, i93

multiple gospels, use of,i90, 206, 207-8 pagan cultic influences and adaptations, 15 Pauline presumption ofJesus narrative, i82, i85 prophetic tradition of,29 source criticism, 18

specific audience, whether composed for, i87

Tatian's Diatessaron (combination of four gospels into single narrative), 207, 212 unity with Old Testament, Irenaeus on, 267, 270 Goths, invasions of, 513, 514 government. See Christian attitudes towards government and politics; politics and religion

Graeco-Roman world. See Roman empire grand-nephews ofJesus via Jude, 299 Grant, Frederick C., 20 Grant, Robert M., 306

grapevine motifs, Christian appropriation of,

570, 572

Grapte (female teacher), 418

Great Mother, cult of,79 See also Cybele

Great Persecution of 303-312. See Diocletian, persecution of Christians by Greece and Aegean Islands. See also specific cities, towns, and regions, e.g. Athens apostolic traditions of, 322-5 chiliasm (millenarianism) in, 320, 322

demographics ofearly Christianity in, 308, 3i7-i8

diversity vs. uniformity as characteristic of early Christianity, 3i8-i9 Jewish Christianity in, 3i9-20 Jewish communities of, 3i6, 3i7 literary culture of, 3i5-i6, 328 orthodoxy and proto-orthodoxy in, 325-7 pagan religion in, 3i5 Pauline mission to, ii4-i7 public distaste for Christians in, 3i8 social and cultural characteristics, 3i6-i7 Trinitarian theology in, 324, 327 unity and universality, Christian sense of,

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