Jewish Christianity, existence of, 224, 386 laurel wreath, soldier's refusal to wear, 388 legitimate status, ofJudaism as lawful religion, 66 on Marcion, i95, 200, 205, 223 martyr cult and, 39i on martyrdoms and persecutions, 504, 505, 506, 508, 5ii, 5i2, 5i6 on monarchian controversy, 456-63, 563 on monotheism and creation, 440, 447 Montanism of, 393 'Mother Church' first used by, 394 North African Christianity, evidence for, 38i politics and government, attitude towards,


public spectacles and celebrations,

Christian attendance at, 287 remarriage, discouragement of, 278 on revelatory power ofdreams, 393

social and educational levels of early

Christians, i59, 5i2 social class of early Christians, i56 Trajan's treatment of Christians critiqued by, 72

Trinitarian theology of, 395

visual representation, Christian deity as beyond, 569 women, attitudes towards, 395-6 Testaments of the twelve patriarchs, 228 Tetrarchy demise of, 540-2

persecutions under (See Diocletian, persecution of Christians by) texts. See entries at literary culture Thaïes, 236

thanksgiving and eucharist, i60, i66 Thekla (Thecla), Acts of Paul and, i24, 3i5, 32i Theodore, pupil of Origen, 485, 488-90 Theodoret, bishop of Cyrus on Council of Nicaea, 553 Helena's pilgrimage and discoveries as told by, 3 on Marcion, i96 on Nicene Creed, 560 Theodosius, emperor

Ambrose ofMilan's funeral oration for, 4 polytheism made illegal by, 550 Second Oecumenical Council of Constantinople convened by, 566 Theodotus of Laodicea, 557 Theodotus the Shoemaker, 256, 327, 403, 457,

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