politics and government, attitude towards, 528

in Rome, 403

Rome, philosophical schools of, 406-n on rural Christians, 3ii scripture, on reading, interpreting, and exhorting, i69 self-definition and differentiation vis-a-vis

Graeco-Roman world, 230 self-definition and differentiation vis-a-vis

Jewish matrix, 220, 222 superiority and priority of Christianity over

Greek philosophy, 233-5, 237 Trypho, dialogue with, 220, 226, 408, 409, 456 Juvenal, 8i

Kasemann, Ernst, 20 Kerygmata Petrou (Kerygma Petri)

Egyptian/Alexandrian Christianity as evidenced by, 337 Jewish Christianity evidenced in, 98 Pseudo-Clementine literature, absorption into, 90 kiss, holy, i70 Klausner, Joseph, 20 ktisma (creation), Son as, 555, 564

L source, i9 Lactantius

Asia Minor and Achaea, Christianity in, 3i6, 3i8, 32i on chiliasm (millenarianism) in Asia Minor and Achaea, 32i on Constantine, 539, 54i, 542 on Diocletianic persecutions, 5i9 politics and government, Christian attitudes towards, 535-6

religious toleration promoted in text of, 549

social status of early Christians and, 310 Lambaesis, Council of, 308 Lampe, Peter, 400, 405, 406 languages. See also Coptic, Syriac, etc. appeal ofChristianity to linguistic minorities, 311 Constantine's use of Greek at Nicene

Council, 540, 559 Jewish diaspora's adoption of Greek, 61-2 Roman empire, 74 Laodiceans. See Ephesians lapsi baptism, reconciliation of sinners following, 394-5, 411-12, 428, 472-4, 476,

559, 560

confessors' and martyrs' power to forgive sins of, 390, 393, 472-3 Council of Nicaea on, 559, 560 councils and synods, inception of,43i councils in Rome and Carthage concerning reconciliation of,476 Diocletianic persecutions, 520, 522-3 ecclesiological response to situation of,

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