schism in Carthaginian church, Cyprian's ecclesiological response to, 477-9 Scillitan martyrs of, 386, 388, 510 society and cultures of, 382-4 Tertullian as evidence for Christianity in.

(See also Cyprian; Tertullian) use of term, 381

wider society, relationship to, 392-3 women, attitudes towards, 395-6 Novatian and Novatianists. See also lapsi alternative Carthaginian episcopate supported by, 478 Asia Minor and Achaea, early Christianity of, 328

continued existence of, 477

Novatian and Novatianists (cont.) correspondence with Cyprian and Carthage after Decian persecutions, 47i

Council of Nicaea on, 555 Easter, date of, 560

ecclesiological response of Cyprian to schism of, 477 Jewish Christianity evidenced in works of, 96

on monarchian controversy, 457 North Africa, early Christianity of, 395 Rome, early Christianity of,406, 4ii-i2 schism with Cornelius, 475-7 validity of baptisms and other spiritual acts performed by, 479-83, 555 Novatian, Roman catacomb of,5i7 novels, Christian and Graeco-Roman, i93 novelty and innovation

Christian self-identity and, 589 Christianity charged with, 223-4, 232,

237-40, 243 Constantine viewed as dangerous innovator by pagan writers, 544 Cyprian vs. Stephen as to validity of baptism performed by heretic/schismatic/idolator, 480, 48i homoousios viewed as, 563 Irenaeus, innovation vs. tradition in thinking of, 262-4, 268-70 mechanisms for introducing, 237 monarchian and anti-monarchian charges of, 46i Moses charged with, 239 Pindar on custom as against, 238 Numenius ofApamea, on origins and derivation of Greek philosophy, 235,


Cirta, 5i7, 520

strength of Christian church in, 522 Tipasa, 303, 304

obduracy and obstinacy, persecution of

Christians on grounds of, 507, 5i0, 5i3 occupations of Christians, 286, 287 Octavian. See Augustus Caesar Odes of Solomon

Johannine Christianity evidence for, i26, i27

Syriac Christianity evinced by, 355-6 Trinitarian theology of, 355, 357

offices of the church, 153-6, 269 See also diakonoi;ecclesiastical structures; episkopoi; presbyteroi oikonomia (dispensatio), 461, 462, 489 oil, baptismal anointing with, i63 old Latin or western tradition of Pauline letter collections, 209, 210 'Old Testament'. See also Jewish scriptures; Septuaguint earliest Christian literary materials, i78 Peshitta Old Testament and Syriac Bible,

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