Syriac Christianity, 355, 357 Tertullian's, 395 Trito-Pauline writings, i06, i8i-3 true cross and holy sepulchre

Constantine's church-building activities, 547

legend/history offinding of, i-8 scepticism regarding, 2 temple of Venus built on site of, 299 titulus, xlviii, i-4, 8, 24 visual representations of crucifixion, first appearances of,58i Truth, Gospel of, 346

Trypho, Justin Martyr's dialogue with, 220,

226, 408, 409, 455 the twelve, Gospel of, 96, i90 Twelve patriarchs, Testaments of the, 228 typological rather than allegorical interpretation, North African tendency towards, 395 Tyrian coinage used in Galilee, 46

(un)changeability of Son, 555, 564 unity and universality, Christian sense of,

587-8 See also diversity vs. uniformity as characteristic of early Christianity Asia Minor and Achaea, 328-9 cultural phenomenon of, i7i doctrinal development of church stimulated by, 469 doctrinal unity vs. conformity in worship,

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