2 Peter canonicity of,2i2, 2i3

difficulty of interpreting Paul's letters remarked on, i83, 202 Pauline collections known to, 208 pseudonymous nature of,298 Peter, Acts of, 276, 3i5, 323 Peter, Apocalypse of, i93, 2i2, 2i3 Peter, Gospel of, 2i

Peter, Preaching of. See Kerygmata Petrou Peter, bishop of Alexandria, 522, 557 Petra, possible site of Paul's mission in

Arabia, i09 Petronius (satirist), 8i

Petronius (legate), delay in erecting Caligula's statue in Jerusalem by, 77 Phaedrus (freedman ofAugustus), 8i Pharisees. See also rabbinic Judaism diversity offirst century Judaism, 25 Jerusalem church's resemblance to, i50 Jewish Christianity, demise of, i00 Jewish diaspora, connections with, 59 Matthew's denunciation of, 94 Paul's possible roots among, 59 turmoil ofJudaean economy and society, reaction to, 50 Pherecydes, 240

Philadelphia (Asia Minor), Jewish Christianity in, 97, 224 Philemon

Marcion's Pauline letter collection containing, 208 seven authentic letters of Paul, i06 Philip, apostle, conversions of, i08, i22 Philip, emperor, 5i3 Philip of Gortyna, on Marcion, i95 Philip, Gospel of, 359

Philip (son of Herod the Great and Tetrarch), rule of, 39, 40 Philip of Side and didaskaleion (catechetical school) of Alexandria, 34i Philippi demographics of early Christianity in,

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