self-definition and differentiation vis-a-vis

Jewish matrix, 227 unity between 'New Testament' and, 267, 270

omnipotence of God

Irenaeus of Lyons on, 449 Theophilus ofAntioch on, 448 Onesimus, bishop ofEphesus, i24 Onesimus, slave in Philemon, 151, 284 Optatus, bishop of Milevis, 548 oracle of Apollo at Didyma and origins of

Diocletianic persecutions, 519 oracles as part of Roman religion, 80 oral culture, Roman empire as, 74, 494 oral vs. written tradition, 180-1 orans position, i68

orant figures, iconography of,577, 579 organisation of church. See ecclesial structures; institutional structures of early Christianity oriental religions, Roman attraction to, 79, 80

Origen, 258-9

Ambrosius as patron of,493, 513 anti-millenarianism of,533-4 apologetics of, 313

Arian controversy and thought of, 556 Beryllus of Bostra, refutation of,429, 458 Caesarea, move to, 300, 487 Caesarea, teaching in, 485, 488-90 Celsus, reply to, 238, 465 Christian educational practices, evidence for, 485, 488 councils and synods, debates resembling,

429, 432

creeds, use of, 425

critical techniques used to consider historicity of Gospels as used by 5, 496 didaskaleion (catechetical school) of

Alexandria, 304, 34i, 343 dogmatic understanding ofJesus, 11

Egyptian/Alexandrian ecclesial structure, evolution of, 339 father Leonides, martyrdom of, 343, 5ii geographic spread ofChristianity as evidenced by, 302 Gospels listed by, i90 heretic, denounced by Justinian as, 344 intellectual tradition within Christianity stimulated by, 500 interpretation ofscripture and, 464,

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