Strauss' Life ofJesus critically examined on, 17 apocalypticism, Jewish, Jude and Revelation echoing, 96 Apocryphon of John (Secret book according to John)

Gnosticism, historical emergence of, 249,

250, 346

Johannine corpus, relationship to, 128 Apolinarius of Hierapolis, Claudius, 315, 326 Apollo

Christian appropriations of, 12,571, 570-2, 580

Constantine's dedication to Sol Invictus, 541

Constantine's vision of,54i oracle at Didyma and origins of Diocletianic persecutions, 519 traditional gods and religions, popular waning of, 5i8 Apollonius, 326 Apollos of Alexandria

Egyptian Christianity, origins of,336 identified as Alexandrine Jew in Acts, 122 Jewish Christian missionary to Gentiles, viewed as, 122 territorial disputes with Pauline mission, ii5

apologetics. See also specific apologists, e.g. Justin Martyr change in tone and nature in 3rd century 5i2

greater antiquity ofJewish culture, arguments based on, 230-3 monotheism, development of Christology out of defense of,452-3 North African, 388, 392-3 politics and government, attitude towards,

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